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Divegenie provides global diving and snorkeling forecasts. The free forecasts are updated every 24 hours and cover the in-water conditions (visibility, temperature and plankton) and the above-water conditions (air temperature, swell size, wind speed and direction).

News and updates

[10 days ago] Some great spring conditions in Monterey bay. 15 m vis at Schneider bank Link
Posted: Mon, 05 Apr 2010 21:18:52 GMT

[25 days ago] spring in the northern hemisphere is definitely on its way :) loads of sites in the UK and US are showing vis of more than 10 metres.
Posted: Sun, 21 Mar 2010 19:38:54 GMT

Best conditions

site name country vis. water tem. wind air tem. divegenie rating
Gordon rocks Ecuador 17 m - °C
7 mph SE
26 °C divgenie rating
North seymoor is Ecuador 14 m - °C
6 mph ESE
25 °C divgenie rating
Ras Mohammed Egypt 22 m - °C
8 mph SSW
26 °C divgenie rating
Sharm el Sheikh Egypt 17 m - °C
11 mph SSW
29 °C divgenie rating